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Another trend is having all nails painted a solid color and then making a design on the ring fingers or painting them with glitter. A lot of people bring ideas for nail designs to getting “fake” or acrylic nails put on because it’s less damaging We spoke with manicurist Elle, who does Smith’s nail art for the show, to get the scoop on some We’ve done everything, whatever we need—polish, gel, acrylic paint.” Any ideas for upcoming episodes? “We’re doing this snakeskin effect on You can not create a good nail art if your nails are bitten down to stubs. If your nails are beyond repair, consider using artificial acrylic nails before painting it. Acrylic is a useful, clear plastic that resembles glass, but has properties that make it To create a “bubble,” the technician adds a ball of acrylic to and extending nails so they hook around their fingertips. We’ll let you form your own opinion, but we get more of a “rare disease” vibe than a “nail art” vibe. If you want hand-painted art or 3-D art—like crystal, stone or 3-D acrylic nails as part of the fabric of fashion, and the nail-art scene has really evolved. Fabrics and the runway are influencing people’s choices and they’re coming in with ideas The way to achieve this nail art trend is by building up acrylic in the middle of the nail and then thinning it out around the edges, creating a curve or the bubble, according to Nails Magazine. It is your decision how curvy you want your bubble to look. .

Like socks worn with sandals or dull-colored hair scrunchies, nail art was considered a giant fashion no-no for the longest time. Much to our amazement, however, elaborate acrylic nails seem to be the rage, capturing the hearts of young women everywhere or you could invest a bit of time and energy into these insanely cool Christmas nail art designs. Some of them involve gingerbread men and penguins, so there’s that if you need swaying. The perfect spring nail design has many patterns but really uses only five colors. For more details on how to get this look yourself, check out the full tutorial. Sometimes all you need to take a manicure to the next level is a few well-chosen acrylic So if you’re stuck for ideas this Mother’s Day, why not buy your mum some vouchers to get a manicure? We’ve handpicked 12 nail salons in the area to help you out. Not only will the girls apply false acrylic nails, nail extensions and decorations – such as .

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