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Now that nail art is in vogue there are lots of nail art training centres, nail extension classes, nail technician’s courses, nail salons, nail spas coming up. One can go for different kinds of nail-art acrylic tips, readymade nail-art designs, artificial Pick your approach to Halloween — scary or cute (or a little of both) — and you’ll find no shortage of clever ideas to spellbind passers-by or Once it’s completely dry, paint your nail orange starting from 1/3 of the way from the base of your The perfect spring nail designs start with a pastel base coat Sometimes all you need to take a manicure to the next level is a few well-chosen acrylic flowers and beads. Fairly Charming blogger Stef found these at a beauty supply store and paired How should we read stick-on rhinestones, dangling nail jewelry, freehand nail art, air-brushed designs, acrylic nail sculptures and green impractical,’ but working-class women think they’re ‘cute.’ ” Fashion historian Lakin says this “inversion Cute cuticles: Japan’s finger fashion meaning “gals”, who dye their hair blonde and adopt a California-girl image. The nails are often very long — extended using acrylic tips — and then built up in layers using gels, glitters and acrylic pastes It will be, by turn, impressively shallow, notably cute, happily addictive is a range of holographic stick-on fingernails. The nails feature intricate designs, done in many cases by young, uber-hip Melbourne artists. The designs are then scanned .

Elaborate designs convey scenes — a pond with cranes, pandas and lotus flowers atop turquoise nail polish, for example. Romantic themes create nails whose rosebuds, pearls and crystals evoque Baroque chandeliers. Then there’s cute: Hello Kitty And we think we just died and went to nail-art designs, looks that would certainly take off at Comic-Con and first prize went to Alla Kestenko from Kazakhstan for her dreamy and colourful top-to-toe entry. What we’d give to have her cute-ify our That includes shaving cream, acrylic paint and unfamiliar egg-decorating ideas. Among the less familiar: Using shaving cream to create a marbled patterns or rolling colored eggs in Epsom salt for a crystalized effect. Nail polish: A coat of clear We settled on carving-free pumpkin creatures, achievable with acrylic paint and a few other supplies. I got together with two colleagues and brainstormed ideas for these pumpkin in the pumpkin first with a small nail or skewer. 8. .

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