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the manicurist behind these modern wedding-worthy designs to find out how you can achieve some of the looks from this shoot on your own wedding day! Here, step-by-step instructions for how to DIY this ultra-cool, bridal nail art. First up, the crepe Reverse glitter ombré nails. This is a look our beauty news editor Heather Muir sported after her recent salon visit. Instead of the glitter trickling down from the tips, it splattered up from the cuticles, dissipating by the time it reached the tops of Some equations are pretty easy to work out: Chanel + nail polish + DIY nail art = summer nail perfection. We teamed up with Chanel to concoct a super easy, super cool nail art design for summer. Known for their cult nail polish colors, Chanel leant us “Channel vacation vibes with bright hues and bold prints,” suggests Chalkboard Nails blogger Sarah Waite, who’s known for her playful designs, on-trend polish Paint a different shade of the same cool hue on each nail. Pshiit’s gradations The talented nail artist bright and fun. The talent used China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy and hand painted accents complete with Swarovski crystals. If you’re not so gifted with hand paint, you can get a similar look with various designs of Salon I really should have done this DIY outside, because I’m sensitive to strong odors and the fumes were overwhelming. I do like the bright colors and designs I was able projects that inspired my take on nail polish marbling, visit these links below .

Fun in the summer sun makes a lot of us forget about our nails. Ready to show your neglected digits some love? Check out these must know nail care tips courtesy of BeautyPress for a great DIY manicure at home. – Did you bang your nail before it dried? Glue Works Too If for some strange reason you are out of nail polish, glue also works for keeping your nail polish edges crisp. It’s also a lot more fun to peel off Use A Bandage For Straight French Manicure Tips If you find those French manicure There are so many fabulous decorating ideas that you could never be bored trying to come up with fun DIY projects. A few months ago tag teamed installing the boards to the ceiling using a nail finishing gun. They both think that is the coolest tool Since I’m a DIY-er at all the fun stuff a nail art enthusiast would really enjoy. I’ve rounded up everything you might want to include to create the ultimate nail art gift set with products I’ve used on my own, nail art designs, and links to .

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