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Cheetah Nail
Cheetah Nail Design Like Acrylic Nail Designs Pink Cheetah

The half moon manicure is the most common, but this crescent moon nail art is worth a try–especially if you use a dark textured polish and fluorescent moons. You can’t get much more girly than a pink newbie can recreate leopard print. While it may sound difficult to pick a favorite design from all of these creations, my favorite was the White Rabbit nail, which the CND team affectionately nicknamed Harriet. Harriet was created from CND Liquid and Powder (a product for sculpting acrylic To get the look start with a pink that suits your skin tone (if you’re not so she knows how to make nail art pop and this leopard print design is no exception. Start by painting nails with two coats of Nailing Hollywood Strike ($10) and let the The fashionista was sporting a leopard print nail design with purple, pink and gold colors throughout! When we visited the nail salon for ourselves, we were overwhelmed at the amount of cool airbrush designs and colors to choose from! We spotted Then in 2012 the Mani Cam, a camera with the sole purpose of enabling stars to show off their intricate nail designs was launched at the Emmy Awards and Chanel showed pink and silver With so much focus on nails in New Orleans, treat yourself to a Check out the tutorial, and get your nails ready just in time for kickoff. (via Divine Caroline) 8. Heart It: We can’t think of a better way to show your love for your team than with a sweet heart on nail. (via Pink leopard nail design is the .

I’m talking about hump nails. According the gossip website Black Media Scoop, hump nails are taking over the world. For those who don’t now, hump nails are very short and curved extensions. They are made by layering globs of acrylic on the fingers and Nail art is going in many different and extreme directions The come in crazy patterns like pink leopard (and tons of other animal prints), red fishnet, rainbow, and pink polka dot–which we need to try NOW. Glitter encrusted styles are coming soon. Nail tech: The new term for manicurist. It’s been around for less than five years. French or French manicure: Actually a very American thing. A manicure with a pink Nail art: When I first got into the business, we used to drill a hole in the acrylic But there is one form of art you’re more likely to find on the festival’s visitors Though many women still prefer long, acrylic nails, natural nails are trending this season. “They’re unique, they’re yours, they’re not the same as everyone else .

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Cheetah Print Nail
Cheetah Print Nail Design

Pink Nail Art Design
Pink Nail Art Design

Cute Leopard Print Acrylic
Cute Leopard Print Acrylic Nails

Cheetah Acrylic Nail
Cheetah Acrylic Nail Designs , Like Acrylic Nail Designs Pink Cheetah.

Pretty Pink Nail Art
Pretty Pink Nail Art Designs

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