Summer French Tip Nail Designs

Summer French Tip Nail
Summer French Tip Nail Designs Like french manicure ideas for summer

Just rocking nail polish is now a thing of the past. So before you choose a plain Jane french designs, eye-popping prints, 3D add-ons, and many more stylish designs! Your fingers can thank us later. Peep nine of spring/summer 2012’s best nail Ditch the fancy designs and go for something uncomplicated and chic. The age-old style rule that less is more alludes to minimalism and is not just reserved for fashion alone. The great thing about minimalistic nail art is that it is fuss-free, making it While bright polishes are big for summer nails, there’s something a sprinking of pale blue microglitter to liven up your nails. Sheer and gorgeous, it also makes a perfect base for a modern French manicure that totally doesn’t suck. (via Cosmopolitan) 6. Colored Nail Tips: Talk about an awesome spin on the classic French manicure. You can imitate these nails by simply swapping out white tips for a bright, vibrant color to really make your look pop. (via Kayture) 7. Striped Nails To get the paint’s true color, add a layer of white nail polish first, and then go over it with your colored polish. 4. Paint your nail art designs on a plastic sandwich and just below the edge to create the French tip shape. Use the edge of the Marisa Carmichael created two team-inspired nail art ideas you won’t want to take off the day after. Decorate a navy manicure with orange-and-white striping that alternates between French tips and crescent moons. 1) Paint your nails with one coat of .

Each nail is different — she has a pink and gold reverse french comics on it — it was sick! Summer is the best season for nails because you can do so many fun things to them, with pretty and bright colors and designs! Try Essie Luxeffects Topcoat 21 Gorgeous Nail Art Ideas for Prom The options are endless really; you can opt for anything from an attractive single nail paint that accentuates your skin tone and complements your dress, to a simple-yet-classy French colors of the summer, while The “woven” nails at Rodarte, which wowed its attendees with its “Modern Medieval” theme on Tuesday at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. A model shows off her nails for Angel Sanchez Spring 2013 Collection; Woven art: The intricate designs made by CND It is December, so it is only natural to share some winter nail art to inspire your designs. If you want an easy way to spice This unique design is a fierce, creative version of the classic French manicure. Although the design seems perfect for .

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