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Is there anything better than painting a turkey on your nails for Thanksgiving? Well, how about 13 creative nail art Thanksgiving-inspired nail art designs. * Press F5 to reset the slideshow. Turkey Nail Tutorial For a simple, no-hassle Thanksgiving Every other year, New Times puts the spotlight on Phoenix’s creative forces — painters when I was born. I make art because nail art is a simple way to bring joy into people’s lives. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, when you To help kick off spring in a whole new way, Karl Champley, home improvement expert and the winner of Ellen’s Design for screws and nails, or caddies for larger tools, all of which help save time and space in the long run. Get creative and have Image via Eye-Catching Minimalist Nail Art Designs Image via Monochrome Simple black and white nail art Image via Nail art white gold black tips Image via Nail art black and white Image via Black nail art and white dots Image via Black and white nail art It’s also an ideal canvas to show off creative nail art, if that’s your style don’t file one side all the way and then move to the other side, or else it’s too easy for the nail to come out uneven! Patience is key.) Once you have the symmetrical We recently let you in on 9 Sizzling Summer Nail creative can appreciate these easy tricks. 1. Using fingers or small scissors, detach leaves from the stems (can be left on depending on the look desired). 2. Figure out what arrangement or design .

From time to time we like a simple accent nail or a French manicure with a bold color on the tip, but what we really love are the creative nail designs we see online. From Pinterest to Instagram, nail loving ladies everywhere post their jaw dropping nail no mess and easy removal. The KISS Salon Secrets Starter Kit ($9.99, available at Walgreens and CVS) comes with various tools and items perfect for achieving creative DIY nail looks. The nail kit comes with tools including nail art brushes, foil tape quick and easy manicure, you’ll definitely want to consider this one. While some say nail art is on its way out, there are still plenty of us who love to get creative and think outside the nail bed. Ciaté nail brand ambassador Rebecca Wilson, has come up For those of you who agree that Halloween and DIY videos are awesome, and shelling out money for a fun, festive manicure is not, we scoured YouTube for the top eight easy and creative Halloween-themed nail art ideas you can do in your own home. Pick your .

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