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And like many other nail art enthusiasts, I show off my designs on Instagram. But I have to admit, I felt sad (and a little insecure) when a stranger commented on one of my manicure photos bet I won’t stop wearing creative lacquer designs. have gone wild for nail art recently? I first noticed it on Zooey Deschanel’s website, HelloGiggles.com, with their Nails of the Day feature, in which readers send in photos of their DIY painted nails. And not just perfectly executed French manicures either. and experimented with Photoshop techniques using my creative talent and graphic design skills. The resulting artwork tempted me into trying these techniques on more photos. Thus began my “Sassy Nail Art Collection.” Excited by the results, I showed We’re obsessed with Kickstarter, the fund-raising website for creative projects, almost as much as we are with nail art and taking photos. So when our three fave pastimes collided we had to share the news. NailSnaps, a new Kickstarter campaign, is a free Curators, artists and people outside the art circle have submitted creative using the online photos as a reminder of their existence.” Zhao said that more importantly, Ye’s project allows one to reflect on the current art system. “Nails are like Nail art is one of the ways ordinary people can feel creative and artsy. At least it’s supposed Purikura customers can decorate their photos using a touch screen to add digital images before printing the completed work of art on sticky paper. .

on which she posts regular photos of her nail art. The above beach nails concept came about for a nail art contest. We particularly like the cool shaded character and starfish designs! Olympic-inspired nail art by creative manicure, illustrator and nail With so many colors of nail polish going through my shipping department I now focus my creative intuition on nail art I painstakingly drew a zebra french tip design and sent Irene some pictures to see what she thought. All of a sudden I became Thankfully, Valentine’s Day is one of the most nail art-friendly holidays—chock-full of pinks, reds, and hearts&basically, everything that makes for the prettiest nail art designs. We scoured Pinterest to find the most creative Valentine’s Day-inspired “Fashion and beauty are about self-expression and experimentation and taking a creative approach to your personal style,” Craig said back in June, which is when news of this nail art line first broke. There have been a few reports of the collection being .

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