10 steps keep the natural nails with so stay pretty for the women

10 steps keep the natural nails with so stay pretty for the women of the nail that is one side of the body that need to get treatment. Indeed not all women look at it on this one, but if it is not treated so that it will also cause serious illness, such as swelling on the edge of the nail to digestive diseases due to the space the nails a white garment there are Germs.

Having a wonderful, beautiful nails, white, clean and shiny will also refine the look of one mainly for women. Indeed keep her nails at home with some natural ingredients as well as simple steps so that it could be worked out so that it is not necessary to go to a living room with a huge cost out of pocket. Using natural materials, nail care will also get maximum results will not cause a bad risk.

natural nail

Below that is the step of keeping the nails that can be done by yourself at home: nail polish with clear nail polish and keep the nails are the easiest: with a clean nail and the nail cut of the foot. This kind of thing could be made easy and simple from Kira once. Cut your nails regularly, i.e. at least twice in a week. Especially when there is a cantengan on the edge of the nail, it is so annoying and painful. With cutting and cleaning the nails, the exception will also look appealing you can also regardless of the disease caused by germs on your fingernails. Wash the nails well with ordinary soap and water alone or with a brush or a nail cleaning tool to the other. Use Vaseline Petroleum jelly

It is possible that on this now the petroleum jelly is already in the know many people. Vaseline Jelly Petroleum which is one between the moisturizers that the multi role, one of which can hydrate the dry skin (can be used on the elbows, knees as well as all bodies). Beyond that, oil jelly can also lengthen the lashes, get rid of the rest of the blackened acne (not the pocked), and make beautiful nails in order to stay shiny.
Our Memoleskan enough to wear it or use a moisturizing cream for the nails using Cottonbath. Use for a minimum of 2 times in a week so that finally the maximum. You can buy petroleum jelly with this online via the Lawrence at this link or this link to MatahariMall. The port of olive oil can moisturize the skin, except as well as make shiny skin. Olive oil can also play a role in order to protect the nails stay beautiful.

Stride with the supplied olive oil, if necessary, then warm, but not too hot. Then olive oil can be applied using Cuttonbath to Memoleskannya on the surface of the nail. Rub-rub cuttonbath already dipped in olive oil. So let it sit along the 20-15 minutes. Olive oil or olive oil can be made more delicate and beautiful nails.

After after the nail can be dibersikan with water up clean. Wear salty ingredients: that the food exemption feels delicious and tasty, the salt can also be used to keep the nails. Step prepare the container that has a medium size, hot water as needed and salt if necessary. Then mix the salt in lukewarm water. Then dip your hands or just fingers on the brine there. Then let it rest along the 15-20 minutes, then clean with running tap water and Pat dry. Soaking the nails with salt can clean the germs that cling to the touch line of the nails as well as create brighter nails. Then you can nail with a sanding tool so that the most beautiful and shiny nails.

Wearing shiny lemon nails also got with the clean with lemon water. Where the lemon water has a fairly high vitamin C. The next vitamin C that will also make the fingernails of hands or feet so shiny. Stride: With a slice of lemon so that the parts so menggosokkannya on the surface of the nails along most minutes (can be done 5-10 minutes). Then clean the nails with water until it doesn’t feel sticky because of the lemon water just now. In addition, the lemon can also clean the nails from the rest of the nail polish that still remains. Watermelon Fruit Leather This exception can be consumed immediately and give freshness, can also be used to nail us guys.

What’s the point? Not the flesh of yaaa, but his skin. removed to the repair used to nail the shiner. Stride cut the watermelon crust. So the same application with lemon; The white side of the watermelon skin simply rubbed on the surface of the nails as well as the permit until the water is attached to the nail so dry by itself. Then clean with water and tap dry with a towel. So the nails will also look cleaner and shiny. Star Fruit Wuluh Wuluh that has a sour taste to this Awesome could be used to keep the nails.

Star Fruit Wuluh side of the stride then rub into the surface of the skin. Acid on carom can clean our nails, leave it to so dry by itself. Then clean with water and tap dry with a towel. So the nails will also look cleaner and shiny certainly. Garlic seasoning This cooking exception used for cooking can also be used to clean the nails and make the nail so shiny. Exception could clear nail polish, garlic can make the nails stronger and not so easily broken. Stride with a menggosokannya of garlic that was cut to the top surface of the nail. You can apply it several times. Then clean with water. So the nails also will be as clean and shiny.

Do with regular so that finally the maximum. Baking powder The wear combined with hot water can make the nails so shiny. Please provide the baking powder, then mix with hot water that is stored in a container that was already prepared. Then soak every 10-15 minutes. Wearing it this way with regular to create also the nail slowly so pure natural white. Nail polish wear varnish is one of the nail polish produced can make the nails more beautiful and tapered. Nail polish can also make your nails more natural and bright so strong is not easily broken. You can get this nail polish available several women accessories.


Info 10 steps keep the natural nails with so stay pretty for the women

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