Here’s how to wear the nail henna properly and easily

After examining the steps using henna on the hands and feet, this opportunity will also examine the subject of using henna on the nails. Use of the Chinese girlfriend/henna/henna so popular in Indonesia, especially in the group of mothers.

Many young people are fond of wearing henna, as the time would also be married, engaged, Reset Th., as well as other major events. Before examining the steps using henna on the fingernails, we will first take a brief history of henna.

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History of Henna

Latin name Henna Lawsonia inermis IE. The first time discover the word “henna”, i.e. the Arab states that say it if the Hinna/Mehndi (foliage that could leave the color red in the skin). Henna usually lives in climates like Palestine, Africa, Iran, as well as Morocco. In some countries like India, Arabia and Africa, henna is the element must be in a marriage. Henna should be worn by the bride so the hands and feet decorating. The intention is to make the use of the pretty bride henna, preventing things and problems wrong, and thus recognized the porters of good fortune to its users.

Why is the woman who is also getting married and pregnant women wearing henna. For pregnant women, in general, they will also wear henna in the abdomen near the uterus (henna belly). A brief history of henna. At this point, do you want to wear your own henna on your nails?

So that the results of your henna more maximum, the median, and the results of the color does not ooze everywhere, the backstage will also share the steps using henna on the nails properly. You can read it while you mempraktikkannya soon. She: the step using henna on nails properly, indeed wearing henna on the hands, feet and belly, wearing the henna nail add more easily. You don’t even need someone else’s help to do it. But, keep you just need to know how to wear them properly so that ultimately more maximum.

1. Provide henna

You can create your own henna at home. Some ingredients and you can follow its traces in this link. Alternatively, you can also buy henna that had so, ten henna brands are recommended as well as the quality you can read here.

2. Clean the nail

Step using henna on the nails, namely clean fingernails. When you first use polluted water masses, remove the polluted bodies of water first carried the acetone. The girlfriend of Kira/henna will not cling to the nail and the paint encrusted. After the nails regardless of the paint, clean your nails again. can use soap, lemon, or salt water. Do not forget to clean the parts on the right and left side and in your fingernails (if your nail length). This kind of thing is done so that you can get the best results.

3. Apply Patroleum Jelly

Patroleum Jelly is the versatility of most objects in other cosmetics. These objects could provide nutrients to your skin and nails, can have chapped lips repaired are a problem, it can be used to remove makeup, and also to avoid your skin from the dye you wear. So if you want fingernails or hair dye, as in this problem, using henna on the nails, you can apply the Patroleum jelly first on the part of your nails. This kind of thing can make you so much more clearly by wearing henna, henna and also do not meleber to anywhere.

4. Apply Henna

Step using henna on the most necessary nails i.e. the henna paste on your fingernails. To help the henna paste, you can wear a wooden stick/thin iron rod, brushes, or any sense of relieving yourself by wearing henna.

Make sure that the amount you use the henna on each nail takarannya (not too thick or not is not very thin). Then you just need a smart phone to dry. When the henna had dried, step elevators with scraped henna or washed water.

5. Watch the last step-color step use henna in nail nail color is to see who has been conscripted in henna. Be aware of the color, if the color obtained is not flat, so apply still on the nail as the color.


Info Here’s how to wear the nail henna properly and easily

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