5 ways to lengthen the nail quickly

Nails i.e. side of the bodies that have the role of doing the protection of the fingers of the hands and feet. In addition, the nails can also make an impact on the beauty of the hands and feet. Therefore, it is not surprising that some women often make treatments on the nail to bring the beauty of the fingers as well as their feet.

Many of the steps taken by women to make their nails beautiful. There is the Mewarnainya, there is a sculpting a tattoo on it, or some are limited to Memanjangkannya. Lengthening the nail itself can make women look much more gracefully.

lengthen the nail quickly

Well, in the explanation of this tips will also give a few steps Guide to lengthen the nail quickly. This guide will make a long nail was so strong and clean is not easily broken.

What is it? 5 Steps lengthen the nail quickly

1. Olive oil
As discussed in the first article, the contents of olive oil can also create longer, stronger and healthier nails. Stride to know how to give olive oil on the nail, then let sit to dry, then rinse with clean water. Maintenance work for each week.

2. Tomato and olive oil
When combined with olive oil, tomatoes have the ability to elongate the nail and can cure a broken nail. Stride, i.e. tomato juice up to smooth consistency, then give the olive oil if necessary. Using the herb was to soak the nails along the 10 minutes then rinse with clean water.

3. Star Fruit

These berries have the ability to clean the dirt on the nail and can strengthen it for the nails will also stay healthy and not easily broken. Step to put it: with a Menggosokannya star fruit wuluh piece on the nail that will also clean the nail, then artificially washed.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera In fact can also be used to keep the nails, especially to make the nails look clean and beautiful. Stride to know the clear Aloe Vera first, then cut and take Gelnya. Then give the gel on the nail with it. Let stand for up to 20 minutes and then wipe.

5. Garlic

The existing content in garlic can accelerate the development of the nail system and can strengthen your nails. Stride, namely shredded garlic until smooth, then give it on the nail, let stand until 20 minutes ago the nail Flush with clean water.

You can also get into the grated garlic in the water, then soak the nails there every few minutes. When lazy Memarutnya, so you can also immediately rubbed on the surface and sides of the nails. A range of treatments that work for both up to 3 x a week.


Info 5 ways to lengthen the nail quickly

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